What is YP JetSet?

Our mission is to provide relevant content and actionable insights to the discerning millennial traveler. Through extensive experience travelling for both business and leisure, we’ve developed an expertise in how to maximize your travel experience. We aim to help young professional travelers:

  • Get the absolute best rates from hotels & vacation rentals
  • Strategically book flights for least cost and most flexibility
  • Maximize your limited vacation days (and what to tell your boss)
  • Explore new destinations and cultures that weren’t on your radar
  • Gain entry into exclusive events and nightlife venues
  • Balance your career with travel – or mix the two together
  • Understand the trends of our demographic that drive travel providers

We publish first hand accounts of our travels on the Travel Blog while also conducting extensive market research and sharing insights on our Travel Intelligence section. We are Purveyors of Wanderlust, and strive to enable you to live our mantra – Live Life. Take Flights. Learn more about Our Story.

Live the #SuiteLife

A series of insider experiences at the best accommodations in the world, reviewed first hand by travel experts.