Gold Rush Rally 2015 – Moneyshots from the Madness [Photos]

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The goldRush Rally is a perverted fantasy for the auto enthusiast. Now in it’s 7th year, the event is an organized two-leg cross country road race that combines exotic cars with exotic locations and accommodations. Originating in San Diego and embarking through Los Vegas to re-starting in Austin and finishing strong in Miami, goldRush does not disappoint.

goldRush Rally Route 2015

We were fortunate to have our trusted YPCorrespondent Shan, the propreitor of Ray’s Electronics, who was in attendance with a strong Chicago crew, provide us with some photographic evidence of the experience. From chrome Lamborghini Aventadors to gunmetal Paganis, it’s a harem of modified super cars. Enjoy…

Although some of the cars can seem ostentatious to outside observers, there is no question that the amount of horsepower under the hoods of each is exhilarating.


The shear power felt when owning a Lamborghini Aventador can go to your head…


…but it seems like this guy has remained really really humble about it.



It’s only fitting that the Gold Rush Rally would have a G63 as the pace car to attempt and chaperon these hooligans.



But as you can tell from below, that didn’t deter participants form pushing these beasts to felony level speeds



The fact of the matter is, this is how these cars were engineered to be driven. You just can’t drive a Ferrari 458 Italia under 60mph on a wide open dessert road.


True auto aficionados will recognize that the below is a Pagani Zonda (although I’m not sure on the exact models). Built mostly out of carbon fiber, these can reach top speeds of up 225mph+ and retail at up to $2.8 million. The car is named after the zonda wind, a regional term for distinct air current in Argentina, which is a reference to the obsessive attention to aerodynamics in it’s design.


And we’ll leave you with some motion picture evidence of the spectacle that is the goldRush Rally…
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