Want to fly to Ibiza with an in-flight DJ? Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike Can Help

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Sitting in an airport in the United State’s pacific northwest and watching the rain come down over the runway, my mind wanders to where I’d rather be. For instance, on a plane with a live DJ headed to the White Isle of Ibiza. That sounds like a pretty appealing proposition. Luckily, if you have the determination and the funds you can bring this fantasy to fruition.

The DJ duo of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are again making their summer pilgrimage to Ibiza for their “House of Madness” residency. In true capitalist fashion, they are offering a their dedicated fans travel packages that include flights, accommodations, and of course, tickets to their show at Amnesia.

Now we realize that there are many many options in regards to the revelry that you can experience in Ibiza. But this is something that is certainly unique. And it goes beyond the gimmick of an “in-flight-DJ”. We endorse this concept on a different level. Typically, flights are a very impersonal experience that get you from point A to point B. There seem to be two types of people you encounter: (1) “Oh my gosh I’m so excited for this! Where are you from? How long are you staying? We should TOTALLY hang out when we get there!!! (2) *Please excuse me as I put my eye mask on and pretend like you don’t exist for the duration of this voyage. I might acknowledge your presence as I get my carry on from the overhead, but probably not*.

Well, this seems to bridge the gap between those two extremes. Obviously, if you’re on a flight with a live DJ you are a certain type of person and have committed yourself to being social and real. I’ve met some pretty awesome people on flights that have evolved into great friends or professional contacts. Frankly, that doesn’t happen enough. The caveat though, is that the flights only leave to/from Brussels (just another excuse for you to visit another amazing city). So although it’s unlikely that you’ll find your next investor into your start up in Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike’s party flight, you just find someone who is just as passionate about tequila as you are. Cheers!


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