The Best Travel “Christmas Card” You’ll See This Season

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Editor’s Note: I recently received a travel Christmas card  from a good friend and fellow travel enthusiast which showcased the best practices for sending along seasons greetings. Thus we had to share it. The note sends best wishes from his current location of Bali, and recounts his voyages in videos. Perfectly executed. Yours truly makes an appearance in the Chillipines chapter…


Hope that you’re having a great holiday season!

No camels here in Bali, that’s me in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.


I was just notified by my parents that the kids are “getting booted” from the family Christmas card next year. So as a coming of age exercise, here’s what I’ve been up to this year…


After getting antsy about spending too much time in Chicago, this past June I decided to take some time off to travel.


Since buying my first, of many, one-way tickets, I’ve met so many different, interesting people (as well as some old friends), eaten at a number of Anthony Bourdain-featured foodie destinations, and become hopelessly addicted to Arabic coffee.


Video editing has become a fun hobby during my downtimes at airports, etc.. Rather than give you the power-paragraph update of my life, here’s my year in videos.


Ramadan Nights: It was a great experience to spend Ramadan in the Middle East. This is a compilation of the daily food preparations and fast breaking in the evenings during Ramadan. Also included are some other interesting adventures along the way.


Petra and Wadi Rum: Getting out of the city into more remote parts of Jordan.


Italy: Spent a week in Italy with my parents and my brother Drew at Castel Di Casio. We could not get enough of fresh-made Italian food!


The Philippines: Spent Thanksgiving with a friend and fellow travel enthusiast in the Philippines.

Former Soviet Prison in Estonia: On a side trip to the Baltics, I visited a former Soviet prison in Estonia. Pretty wild place that, supposedly, it was used until 2005.


Whether we talk regularly or not, I would love to hear what is new with you. All the best in the New Year!
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